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Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Financial Futures

Let's face it. Women tend to live longer than men, have different risk tolerances on investments, and play a largely different role in terms of family care-giving, from children to parents. OAG Woman not only recognizes those differences but embraces them.

Your unique challenges and opportunities are why we developed a women-driven financial services division. We don’t give you cookiecutter plans. We don’t tell you what to do with your money. We sit down, listen, and develop options that meet your individual needs in a collaborative environment.

Whether you’re looking for guidance and education into the financial investment world, or you just need a partner who can pick up the reigns and see your vision through to reality, call on OAG Woman. We’ll be with you through it all.

Did You Know?

On Average, Women in the U.S. Live 5 Years Longer Than Men.

Beltekian, Diana and Ortiz-Ospina, Esteban, Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men?, 2018
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It’s About More Than Just Investments

We take the time to learn what makes you tick. We conduct an in-depth inventory of your current financial state, talk through all your goals, challenges and opportunities, and only then prepare personalized, tailored financial options. When you’re a part of OAG Woman, you’re empowered to make confident decisions whether you’re only starting to become acquainted with financial literacy or just need our advice. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Longevity & Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Trust Management/Charitable Giving
  • Long-term Care Planning
  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Income Planning
  • Investment Planning

“As a single mom who has to juggle a career, family, and study for a doctoral program, I know first-hand the challenges of making it all ‘work’. I see this also in the women we work with and it’s why we built a division just for them. A place where they are comfortable enough to ask questions and confident to make decisions.”

- Sara Neel, CEO One Advocate Group

Left to right: Terri Tunnell, Sara Neel, Kathryn Hernandez.

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